National Dysfluency CEN Study Day October 2018

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Many good ideas came out of our National Dysfluency CEN study day "Designing Services for the Future" in October 2018 at the Michael Palin Centre in London.

Here is a very quick summary:

  • Get a national competency framework for disorders of fluency approved/ratified by RCSLT. Know what the evidence base is. Identify training needs of individual within a service. Train staff spreadingthe skill base/ raising awareness and standards

  • Identify risk associated with banding and competency framework and communicate the risks to he stakeholders

  • Identify who are our more powerful stakeholders and increase the profile of our work with PWS ( e.g Lobby MPs, tell commissioners , GPs about services)

  • Support each other across the CEN, maybe set up a buddy system that can be accessed via the new website

  • Be resilient

Lets take this forward and support the membership in achieving these aims.

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